Female tattoos

Female tattoos - The issue of female tattoos is a hot one for many people. Some will support the idea and think they are great, others will say that tattoos can never be feminine and make a woman look like a "hard case". Neither of these two idea groups have probably really thought through the issue carefully before forming their point of view. They tend to simplify the question into a simple yes or no to tattoos for females, rather than really looking in depth at the finer points of the issue.

Female tattoos - One of the points to consider is the placement of the tattoo. There are some places which any female, who has given it the least bit of thought, would never consider having a tattoo. Certainly a tattoo on the face is really bad judgement. No woman who wants to be thought of as pretty or beautiful should even consider this. Certainly it is something that will most likely be regretted in the future. A tattooed neck is also not a good idea. It is simply not feminine and not in any way flattering and will nearly always lead to future regret. A small tattoo on the shoulder is perhaps a little more desirable but it must be small, dainty and feminine in design. A flower, a star or two, an abstract design can be quite nice but keep it small or it will be too masculine in appearance.

Tattoos are after all mainly a mans world, and definitely so when it comes to large complex tattoos. Tattoos on a girls arms are also not beautiful unless small and dainty. Sleeve tattoos will never be feminine and should not be considered. A dainty bracelet tattoo around the wrist can be quite feminine and appealing but again keep it small and feminine looking. It will be on display a great deal and a flashy gaudy design will simply look bad and will undoubtedly be a source of regret. Tattoos on the back of the hands and on the fingers are simply a disfigurement and will never do anything to enhance a woman,s appeal. Tattoos on the breast area are absolutely out. Don,t do it our you will have major regrets in the future. Large scale tattoos on the body are not in the least feminine and simply brand the wearer as someone with poor judgement, and probably with a poor sense of self worth. If you have a beautiful body you would have to be a sadist to disfigure it with big tattoos.

Tattoos on the female leg I would also consider disfiguring with the possible exception of an ankle bracelet of dainty design, a ring of small stars or something in that size category. Tattoos on the feet and toes are not something to consider. As with the hands they are simply disfiguring. Putting all of this together it is obvious that female tattoos in general are not something which is highly desirable. The only possible exceptions are those noted above, and even then all due consideration should be used before getting even a small tattoo, since tattoos all to often become a source of regret as the years go by. They are a lot easier to have put in place than to have removed. The conclusion to be drawn is that tattoos are not really something that females should consider since the odds are heavy that they will be regretted sometime in the future.